A Launchpad and Beyond

Takemichi Inu
5 min readApr 22, 2022

After a successful stealth launch, the work begins. At Takemichi Inu, our goal when creating the project was to solve several common issues we as a team observed in the micro-cap/meme token space. Above all else, we noticed safety and security for investors was seemingly growing thin amongst rampant rugs, honeypots, or just teams who abandoned their projects after making out like bandits with money from abhorrently high taxes. We wanted to create a tax-free token which would allow investors safe access to vetted launches and services free of worry; enter the $TAKE launchpad…

$TAKE : A Model For Improvement

We have seen many launchpad projects launch come and go, plenty of which freely used the name “launchpad” to create hype but never seemed to actually launch a project. At the same time, we have seen other launchpads fail to find a successful model for launching new projects due to faulty mechanics: Pre-sale allocations being unloaded on a healthy launch, lack of access and attention for new buyers outside of the core launch pad group, failure to create healthy limitations to provide incentive for launchpad token holders while also generating positive momentum for the incubated projects. These are just a few common issues we have identified which we believe we can improve upon with a few simple solutions.

Creative Staking

More than likely, you have seen the word staking thrown around a lot these days. But how does it actually work and what benefit does it bring to a project, and more specifically what benefit does it have for $TAKE holders?

The core benefit of staking is the simple act of having a large amount of the circulating supply in the staking contract. Token holders receive benefits for having those tokens staked which creates lower selling pressure on the token. When the project was created, we preliminarily set aside a percentage of the supply as a starting reserve for rewarding the community through staking benefits. But that is only one aspect how staking will function in the $TAKE ecosystem.

Our Unique Staking Mechanism

We feel that using staking part and parcel with our launchpad will work both to remedy the previously mentioned downfalls of other launchpad models and to reward $TAKE holders handsomely. While we don’t want to give all of the details away just yet (wouldn’t want someone running off with our ideas now, would we?), here is a breakdown of the macro view of how it will work.

$TAKE holders stake their tokens in our staking pool where they receive a block-measured drip of our native token continuously. Over time, we may also offer an incentivized LP pool to encourage community members to provide additional support for liquidity.

In addition to receiving our native token, ALL $TAKE stakers will also receive a share of incubated projects fed through a similar block-measured drip. As we seek to expand through partnerships and collaborations, you never know what you might find from your staking rewards or future airdrops…

What does that mean? Where as some launchpads only have allocations for select holders through a lottery system, our model ensure that all stakers get at least some part in any launch which is incubated through our launch pad (in addition to earning more $TAKE). By feeding the community allocation through a drip, we also create less selling pressure for newly launched projects as not all tokens are distributed at once.

While $TAKE will always be tax free, not every token launched through our launchpad is required to be so (though we will be sure that any amount of taxes instilled in any incubated projects are minimal). Over time with successful launches through our launchpad, income generated from the share of taxes or tokens allocated to Takemichi Inu from incubated launches will be used to refill the supply of $TAKE for our staking pool.

Using income from incubated launches to replenish the staking pool accomplishes 2 things : We keep our staking pool full to continuously reward holders AND we support the chart by buying back tokens to redistribute to our loyal stakers.

To summarize, staking gives you more $TAKE, gives you guaranteed allocation to upcoming launches, and also creates upwards price momentum from the act of buying back more tokens to redistribute through the staking pool!

Whitelist, Pre-Sale, and Stealth Launches

Yes, yes, and yes. But how will it work? Each launch type will have it’s own system but most importantly ALL STAKERS STILL GET A SHARE OF ANY LAUNCH!

For pre-sale launches with projects seeking early funding for development, we will have allocations based on token holdings. Stakers will be selected via lottery with tiers based on holding size allowing the purchase of pre-sale allocations of an upcoming launch to provide funding in addition to private funding sourced by the Takemichi Team and upcoming project teams. Lottery winners will have a time frame in which to make their purchase and we will allot an appropriate amount of time during the pre-sale phase to allow for any uninterested parties to be replaced by those who wish to purchase.

*Do note some vesting may be required on a case by case basis for any pre-sale allocations.

For fair launches (non-stealth) there will be a whitelist system to allow a window for $TAKE stakers exclusive access to buy the launch (though it may be limited via a certain amount of max buys or cooldown to ensure a healthy chart). This will be open to ALL STAKERS who meet the minimum requirements, no lottery for whitelist!

For stealth launches we will obviously want to maintain the element of stealth, meaning there may be little to no notice of when these happen. When they do happen, they will be posted quickly in the $TAKE Stakers Colabland groups (this allows only verified stakers in to the group and we will be opening this after staking is live with a minimum requirement for amount staked), then shortly after information will be posted to the project group and main Takemichi Inu telegram group.

If you miss the launch queue, you don’t have to worry as we have you covered! There will be a random lottery for all stakers, select participants will receive and airdrop equivalent to 1 or more max buys of the launch (depending on amount of tokens staked) and ALL STAKERS STILL GET A DRIP OF ANY LAUNCH!

In Summary

We feel that the $TAKE launchpad and staking ecosystem we are proposing will greatly improve on the idea of a launchpad while also providing a rewarding, exciting, and SAFE platform for which all holders and stakers of $TAKE to benefit greatly. And all of this with ZERO TAX FOR LIFE. More details are yet to be revealed, but we can’t wait to continue building with all of you.

Thank you to all of our loyal community members for your support thus far, this is only the beginning!




Takemichi Inu

Takemichi Inu is a Anime-focused project launchpad in which the $TAKE token will also act as the governance token for projects that we vet, incubate and launch