Stake it to Make it

APR…APY…What is APR? Wen 42,069% APY?

($20 Earned Daily/ $10,000 Initial)*365*100 = 73% APR , or .2% DAILY ROI
Number will vary based on rate of compounding but is higher than the APR %

The Math That Matters

$TAKE APR % = [( Percentage of supply owned in the staking pool * Daily Total Rewards Emission)/Amount of Tokens Owned]*365*100

About Emissions

$TAKE Token Emissions — These will be drawn out to (ideally) be sustainable through buybacks performed with Launchpad income.

Launch Token Emissions — These are accelerated due to their nature, full supply of staking would be distributed within 7–14 days of launch.

What Does It Mean?



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Takemichi Inu

Takemichi Inu

Takemichi Inu is a Anime-focused project launchpad in which the $TAKE token will also act as the governance token for projects that we vet, incubate and launch