Takemichi Tools- The dApp you didn’t know you needed

Takemichi Inu
4 min readMay 2, 2022

1 week after a successful stealth launch, the Takemichi team is proud to have presented the (surprise!) live beta of our working trading dApp. Takemichi Tools offers a complete set of trading and safety tools that are a must have for any savvy investor. Combining safety with enhanced quality of life features, Takemichi Tools is the dApp you didn’t know you needed.

The Element of Surprise

When we set out to create the Takemichi Inu ecosystem, we had a simple motto : Under Promise, Over Deliver. We live by that, so much so that we released the live beta of Takemichi Tools a week after our launch without anyone knowing it was coming. We have seen too many teams say things were coming and not deliver them, we thought it would be nice to just deliver and then talk about it. So now, let’s talk about.

Why Takemichi Tools?

We want people to trade successfully and safely; that is why we are building a launchpad to give people access to vetted, safe, and creative projects. Beyond our launchpad, we wanted to create something that would benefit our investors and enhance their everyday trading experience. Takemichi Tools offers everything that is needed to take your trading and portfolio management to the next level, and do it safely.

Connect your Wallet (or add by Address) to track your Portfolio, one of many features of Takemichi Tools

Your Trading Toolkit

Takemichi Tools offers QOL (Quality of Life) features such as the portfolio tracker (shown above), which allows you to track your wallets by either connecting directly or just pasting addresses in. In addition to the Portfolio Tracker, there is also a handy Watchlist section which allows you to add tokens by contract address (name search function coming soon), and you can track them in real time while you browse other charts!

Live tracking of your Watchlist while you look at other charts! Connect your wallet for even more info!

In addition to browsing charts while keeping an eye on your Watchlist, Takemichi Tools has a premium Rug Check feature which allows you to check for common safety concerns on any chart you have pulled up! Check liquidity information, source code, token distribution, and more all without having to leave the dApp! 50,000,000 $TAKE (~$50 at the time of writing) is all that is needed for premium features!

Multi Chart View with up to 6 LIVE CHARTS (Premium), 2 for FREE

We have also integrated a Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp just in case you need to top up on ETH before using our High-Slippage swap, Manji Swap. Manji Swap allows users to trade Uniswap pairs with increased slippage (up to 99% currently). Not only does this mean you won’t have have to leave the dApp to get your buy in, but you also don’t have to worry about getting gas rekt on slippage during high-volume stealth launches. Get in early, get in safely, all without leaving Takemichi Tools.

Manji Swap- High Slippage Trades Directly At Your Fingertips With Live Chart Display

Only the Start

Did we mention this set of features currently available is all only in the live Beta of Takemichi Tools? That means we have a lot more in store for what the dApp will be capable of. In the coming days and weeks, we will be greatly increasing the functionality of Takemichi Tools with some powerful new features.

  • Multi Chain: Through our dApp, you will be able to track your portfolio across almost any EVM-Compatible Chain and integrate all of your charts and investment tracking to one single location. No more windows filled with tons of different tabs or swapping over the chain on your MetaMask, you can track it all in once place.
  • New Contracts/Live Pairs with Rug Checker: Want to browse newly listed contracts and pairs? We got you covered, and we will be integrating our Rug Checker so you can do it safely. With this feature, you will be able to see new opportunities as they appear, scan them for safety, and ape into them in seconds with our High Slippage swap. All without leaving the dApp.
  • Updated Portfolio Tracker w/ Additional Features: We want to make trading and managing your portfolio easy for you. With some upgrades to our portfolio tracker and the addition of a few unique features (we can’t give it all away now, can we?), we think you are going to love Takemichi Tools even more than you already do.

The Road Ahead

It’s easy to get swept up in our trading dApp, it is PACKED with powerful features to help you get ahead while managing your portfolio and choosing new investments safely. This is still only a part of the Takemichi Inu ecosystem. We are building and will continue to Under Promise and Over Deliver. You never know what other surprises we have in store…

Thank you for your continued support.

- Team Takemichi



Takemichi Inu

Takemichi Inu is a Anime-focused project launchpad in which the $TAKE token will also act as the governance token for projects that we vet, incubate and launch